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Resource Library

There is so much to learn about providing advocacy and support for those with disabilities.The more we know, the closer we can get to the goal of living a good life as valued citizens, enjoying all rights, responsibilities, and benefits of citizenship. At Inclusion Lethbridge, we diligently add to and accept donations for our resource library, to assist and empower families and individuals with knowledge, support, and inspiration.

Our library resources are expanding all the time thanks the generous support of the local Family Supports for Children with Disabilities (FSCD)

Print Material

Our resource library includes books that address the subjects of:

  • different disabilities
  • child development,
  • how to achieve a rich full life
  • personal stories
  • health issues
  • workbooks to help families plan for the various stages of life

Video and DVD

When Calvin Comes Home

Video about de-institutionalization

The First 50 Years

DVD of Inclusion Lethbridge (LACL)’s History

Kids Belong Together

Video about creating inclusive schools

Publications for Sale

Peace Begins with Me (by Ted Kuntz)

Hear My Voice

A Good Life

Safe and Secure (new RDSP Edition)

Our Journey to What Ought To Be

Safe and Secure - A Future Planning Workbook That:

  • Inspires and challenges you to begin the future planning process for your loved one with a disability.  It will help you to move past your fears and gain some faith in the future.
  • Assists you through the process of creating a Personal Future Plan.  It will help to expand your vision of the possibilities and help you create concrete terms.
  • Sheds some light on the legal, financial and technical solutions available to assist you, in addition to sharing practical tips on how to apply these solutions to your circumstances.

Access the Associate Worksheet

Our Most Valued Resource

The families who

  • have been through it
  • have been planning for it
  • are in the middle of it (whatever life stage the ‘it’ might be)

Families are the driving force for dedicated supports for people with disabilities. Inclusion Lethbridge represents courageous families working together to create a better world for their sons and daughters with disabilities. Their efforts, our staff, and our volunteers are here for you as a living, caring and extraordinarily potent resource.