A Community Where Everybody Belongs

The Family Managed Resource Centre Will

  • Connect Families to other Families who are currently utilizing FMS to share information and support.
  • Provide workshops and training on topics that pertain to FMS such as family leadership, staff retention and planning for the future.
  • Provide access to a lending library of books, videos and brochures
  • Share information on upcoming events, workshops and training within our community.
  • Provide support and advocacy
  • Have information regarding bookkeeping and payroll including a list of local bookkeepers who are familiar with FMS and are recommended by other families.
  • Have a database pool of potential staff for families to interview and possibly hire to work with their loved one with a disability. Families will be able to review this database to find who they feel may be a good match, based on a set of criteria that the potential employee indicated in the database. All potential employees must provide a criminal record check as well as a CWIS check prior to being inputted into the database.
  • Have a collection of paperwork for families to adapt and change to meet their needs, such as confidentiality agreements, job offers and time sheets, interview questions and reference checks.