A Community Where Everybody Belongs

In March 2013 LACL began a partnership with Professor Lisa Doolittle, from the University of Lethbridge Fine Arts Department, to explore advocacy for people living with developmental disabilities through drama and dance.  UpStart  began in the Fall as a research project through Complex Social Change.  Individuals of all abilities meet for two hours for ten weeks to explore ideas on disability and employment.

From UpStart, Lisa Doolittle, has continued to do amazing things in the community. In the Fall of 2014 she offered a Mixed-Ability Drama class at the University of Lethbridge. To learn more about the class, read about in in an article features in University Affairs Magazine.

This March, the University of Lethbridge will be presenting of production of “Unlimited,” created by Lisa Doolittle and Pamela Boyd.

Unlimited is described as “[o]riginal. Unexpected. Possible. Moving from physical theatre, to storytelling, to dance, actors and dancers of all kinds of abilities mix it up in a spirited and provocative performance. In partnership with local organizations supporting people living with disabilities, Unlimited gives us a chance to push the limits of our imagination to ask –  “what would happen if…?””.