A Community Where Everybody Belongs


About Inclusion Lethbridge

Nearly 60 years ago families had to plow hard ground to find ways for the sons and daughters to find belonging in the community, in schools and even within families. These pioneering families found little pieces of success among many struggles. They connected to other families and found that sharing their pathways to success made it easier for others to follow. Their vision created innovative community-based supports and services that performed well at what they were created to do. But they were only stepping stones to what real community engagement truly is.

Families created Inclusion Lethbridge (then LACL) as a collection point for the wisdom and experiences to be shared, and their grassroots innovations for inclusion would be passed on.  This organization was founded on the values that every person has an important contribution to make to the community and that that contribution can best be made on an inclusive pathway with the knowledge that families are the most invested in good outcomes.

We have always seen and embraced the whole person, the whole family, and the whole community. We do this by resisting categorization based on disability or assessment and segregated participation over a lifetime. It is well documented that the meaningful engagement of diverse populations enhances the wellbeing of society and in turn the well being of all. Inclusion Lethbridge holds this responsibility to our community in the highest regard.

The families of Inclusion Lethbridge hired staff to have an unwavering commitment to family leadership and to uphold their deep conviction that no disability precludes full citizenship.

Our work and structure lead us to all corners of the community without limitations or conflicts of interest. We work in partnership with all stakeholders because finding belonging cannot be achieved by engulfing people in services. We work to make fundamental changes in the lives of citizens with developmental disabilities.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate for and support individuals with developmental disabilities and their families/guardians so they can live:

  • as valued citizens
  • free of discrimination
  • enjoying all rights, responsibilities, and benefits of citizenship

Our Vision

Every person can live and participate in the community lifelong.

Our Values

At Inclusion Lethbridge, we value the whole person, the whole family, and the whole community. We believe that the more diverse and welcoming a community is, the healthier it is.  Everyone belongs.

Funded services can be a support to individuals striving for a rich meaningful life in the real community but to be effective these services need to be directed by the individual or their family.

The Role of Community in the Lives of People with Disability