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We are always looking for services that are liberating, individualized and inclusive. When families seek out services or plan supports for their loved one with a disability, they look for compatibility and cooperation above all else. The plan families have laid out to achieve a good life for their family member can be derailed if not cautious. Citizens with developmental disabilities and their families have created some indicators that can warn that dynamic and timely support may not be made available to a person. We are cautious of supports that are conditional to or based on:

  • Caregiver convenience.
  • Assumptions of limited potential (labels).
  • Independence seen as a “sink or swim”
  • Restrictive practices without proof of need or end criteria.
  • Restrictive practices that have proof of need and end criteria but no strategies developing ability or opportunity to meet those obligations.
  • Create service agency dependence.
  • Individuals not being informed of their rights or not supporting individuals when they exercise those rights.
  • Limiting or obstructing normal and natural activities and authentic relationships.
  • Opportunities to provide individually responsive support are shutdown by some previous agreement or even worse; tradition.
  • Services that add an extra layer of obligation to the life of a person with a disability.
  • Conditional supports for citizenship.
  • Controlling finances with only internal oversight. This has great potential to deprive people of independence and autonomy. This practice can make people beholding to a service provider to accept less than creative supports in other areas of daily living.
  • Reasonable individual requests are refused because it might cause everyone else to request the same.
  • People that say this never happens.

The families of Inclusion Lethbridge are always available help others plan and guide an inclusive life with others.

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