A Community Where Everybody Belongs

Can we agree that we all benefit by each other’s well being?

It seems simple enough that we could have unanimous agreement on such a notion. Yet it appears there are many things that can distract us from securing something that enriches all of society.

Creating wellbeing for those that find themselves marginalized in their community, is a very complex and sophisticated challenge in that, isolation is created by thousands of little details and reasons. Added to this challenge is that by having some social support systems in place, it can be assumed that they are meeting the needs of those citizens.

We assume to be able to identify… from afar… the service or system specific to our observation of marginalized person’s needs.

Knowing that there are systems and services out there can bring us peace of mind, but it can also make us think that we have no role in the creating belonging and well being for our fellow citizens.

Most marginalized or impoverished people have a long list of services they have been clients of but often not much has fundamentally changed for them. I think that nurturing a sense of belonging is the key to each other’s well being.

There is a deeply held desire within each of us to be a part of something, to be connected with others, to share a common bond. When we are connected with others, there is meaning to everything we do because we know it contributes to the greater good.

Every citizen will be aware of those who are present and meaningfully engaged in activities we are involved in but for us to do our part in ensuring each other’s well being, we need to be mindful of who is absent.

Each of us has the ability to welcome and include people who might not otherwise have an opportunity for meaningful contribution to that greater good that benefits all of us.

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